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In fact, every day, the "supreme" goal of a person, of any kind, is to be understood, to know how to read him and interpret him exactly as he requires.

What if we told you that there is a way to improve the ability to understand the environment?
Streamlining communication, making it much more real and open, which will allow us to understand and accept the other side in any situation.

Listening circles are exactly the way to do this, we create a respectful dialogue, a sharing that allows us to feel equal.

Together we learn that everyone has a place, both for us and for others, learn to listen, develop and create healthy and effective communication patterns.

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Guidelines for advertisers

If you lead a circle and want to publish your circle in the index of an insight center – you must register on the website.

After registration you will connect to the system with your username and password and then in the main menu click on "add advertising"
In the form, you should write in the title not only "Circle" but also the town and the name of the instructor.
At the end of the form, there is space for details about the circle and about you, the facilitator. There is also the option of entering an exact location so that your circle appears on the map

Guidelines for circle seekers

If you are looking for a circle to join – you can search using the search engine on the circles page, and thus find the circle you need.
You can also choose the date you want in the calendar below and you will reach the concentration of circles on that day.

Please note: you can get more details about the circuits when you register on the website.



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